Former NASA Flight Director to speak at Central Catholic

Gene Kranz

Central Catholic High School will welcome a very special guest today - former NASA flight director, Gene Kranz.

The public is invited to attend the assembly, which will be held at the Central Catholic Sullivan Center at 2 p.m. The cost is $15 per person.

Mr. Kranz is a 1951 graduate of Central Catholic and directed the Gemini and Apollo missions. His book, 'Failure is Not an Option', is currently being read by all Central Catholic students. He led the team that helped the crew of Apollo 13 to return safely to earth. Actor Ed Harris played Kranz in the Apollo 13 film.

Please call 419-255-2280 for tickets and more information.

Additionally, there is a group called â??Friends of NASA Plum Brook Stationâ?? that works to promote the NASA test station in Sandusky, Ohio. More on the local advocacy group can be found at Also, NASA has information about the Plum Brook Station at