Former NBA player speaks to Maumee High School students

Chris Herren was selected in the second round of the 1999 NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets. He wound up playing several seasons for the Nuggets and later the Boston Celtics. In December 2004 Herren was busted for heroin possesion and driving under the influence. Herren entered rehab and has been drug and alcohol free since 2008. Herren is now enjoying a new career as a motivational speaker; he criss crosses the country speaking to students about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. "I have spoken at schools where the principal came up to me and said I need help, and a lot of students come up to me and say I have a brother or a sister or a mother or a father who is struggling," Mr. Herren said.

Herren spoke to the students at Maumme High School. His visit was sponsored by Promedica Hospital and SAIL(Substance Abuse Intervention League). SAIL is a Maumee-based organization that sponsors programs and events for familes dealing with substance abuse. Don Adamski, who coordinated Herren's visit, says there was instant proof that the speech made an impact. "As he were taking him to the airport Chris received 20 to 30 tweets from students thanking him for coming and at least two from students who said you changed my life," Mr. Adamski said.

To learn more about SAIL call 419-893-4282.