Former police officer and grandmother goes back to college to march in band


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - Monday was the first game of the Rockets' 2017-2018 football season. It was also the first time many incoming freshmen performed in the Rocket Marching Band. But only one of those freshmen had her granddaughter cheering for her in the audience.

Virginia Todd is the oldest member of this year’s band.

“They’re all 18 to 21, so I got a good 40 years on them all," laughed Virginia.

However, the 59-year-old says they have welcomed her with open arms.

“They kind of looked at me like maybe I was one of the staff initially. But once they saw I was actually going to march with them, they’ve taken me in and helped me out. ‘Cause, you know, I had to learn everything again.”

It’s been a few years since Virginia played her clarinet in the Whitmer High School band. Since then, she obtained not one, not two, but three degrees from the University of Toledo in Criminal Justice, Law, and Public Administration. From there, Virginia has led an exciting career.

She explained, “I did 21 years with the Oregon Police Department, and I retired as a Lieutenant. And then I got my Law degree while I was there, so I’m a private practice attorney. I work for the Lucas County Coroner’s office as a Death Investigator. I’ve been a black jack dealer at the Hollywood Casino.”

And now: she’s a member of the Rocket Marching Band.

Virginia had to train for 3 months just to get in shape for the physical demands, and had to undergo 9 days of band camp. Additionally, she had to register as an incoming freshman at UT.

“They had to create a special program because I’m not declaring a degree or looking for credit. So, for the fourth time, I am now a freshman,” said Virginia.

Virginia’s sister, Cheryl Fosgate, says she’s always had a taste for adventure.

“She continues to try all these different things and things she’s always wanted to do,” shared Fosgate.

But she was still surprised when Virginia wanted to join the band.

“She says to me this summer ‘I want to be in UT’s marching band,'" laughed Fosgate. "And I said ‘good luck with that.’ But, here she is.”

And as for Virginia’s next goal?

“What’s next? We’re going to win the game. Go Rockets!”

And, of course, Virginia got her wish of a Rockets win with a final score of 47-13.

Many of Virginia’s family members attended to watch her and the band. None were more proud of her than her 6-year-old granddaughter.

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