Former Rocket charged in point-shaving scheme

A former University of Toledo Rocket player has been charged in a point-shaving scheme. Former UT men's basketball player Sammy Villegas has been charged with conspiracy to influence sporting contests by bribery.

UT football player "Scooter" McDougle was handed similiar charges in January of 2007. Those charges were later dropped.

In a statement sent to NBC24, the University of Toledo says that they are aware of the allegations against Villegas. They believe the issue represents an isolated instance and they intend to fully cooperate with investigators.

Villegas has not been indicted, rather an information charging document has been filed against him. View bill of information filed against Sammy Villegas.

The information document accuses Villegas of fixing games from December of 2004 through March of 2006. It states Vallegas attempted to recruite other UT basketball players to join in the conspiracy. Lastly, Vallegas is accused of intentionally missing two free throws in a February 4th, 2006 game against Central Michigan.

NBC24 spoke with attorney Jerome Phillips to find out what happens from here. He says, "I assume the way this charge was brought, by information not by indictment, that a deal has already been worked out, as to what he's going to plea, and that is already set. There's not going to be a trial in this case. This type of crime is a relatively low level crime, that is no drugs, no weapons, no harm to any person. If there's any time, it's a relatively short period of time."