Former Rossford teacher accused of sex abuse

Ronald Tremp claims he was sexually abused by a neighbor who happened to be teacher in Rossford Schools. It happened nearly four decades ago.

Tremp is just now filing a complaint against that man in Lucas County Courts.

"The system failed. There was a criminal conviction and nobody followed up on it," says Catherine Hoolahan, who is representing Tremp.

Tremp says as a teen he was abused, molested and exploited by Harold "Jerry" Mash in 1978.

Tremp's attorney also points to an earlier, unrelated criminal conviction. It states in 1976, Mash plead no contest to knowingly harming or attempting to harm a child.

The court handed Mash a six month suspended sentence.

"We're not talking about petty theft or even DUI. We are talking about stealing the innocence of kids. We are talking about violent crimes against kids," says S.N.A.P. representative Claudia Vercellotti.

The identity of the child in that 1976 case was not disclosed, but now an adult he is listed in Tremp's current complaint as "John Doe."

"People realize that their abusers are still out there. And that they can get some sort of justice," says Hoolahan.

These days, Mash is employed in another district. Now he is in Chicago employed as the Dean of Attendance at Foreman High School. There, in 2005, he was named teacher of the year.

WNWO called that district but they have not yet responded. Mash could not be reached for commment.

"He is a dangerous person and does not belong working in anybody's school. Working in a school is a passport of credibility, and in his case, a license to prey," says Claudia.

The plaintiff's civil claim states that the statute of limitations was not reached because the defendant left the state of Ohio before the limit expired.