Former Toledo mayor says he can save Libbey

Budget cuts proposed by Toledo Public Schools call for the closing of South Toledo's Libbey High School, but one school board member says he can save the school.

Former Toledo Mayor Jack Ford says he will search for other ways to cut $1.3 million from the district's nearly $13 million budget deficit. Board members estimate the $1.3 million will be saved by shuttering Libbey. Ford says he will find a way to keep the school's doors open for one more year.

The school board postponed a vote to approve the proposed 2010 budget on Tuesday evening. The proposal stated Libbey would be closed regardless of the outcome of a May tax levy vote.

Closing Libbey will force the school's 650 students to relocate to other area Toledo Public high schools, including Rogers in South Toledo and Waite in East Toledo.

TPS vice president Lisa Sobecki said she isn TMt opposed to a plan that would keep Libbey open. I would need to see a concrete plan that TMs able to sustain it not next year but the year after that and that. I don TMt want to put a band-aid on something that we know is not going to so I TMve the problem, said Sobecki.

Sobecki says the board hopes to see a plan from Ford next week.