Four abandoned kittens rescued from blizzard

During a frigid blizzard on December 26th, someone abandoned these four kittens along CR 37 in Sandusky County.


During a frigid blizzard on December 26th, someone phoned in what they thought was an abandoned kitten, dumped in a box on a country road. The Humane Society of Sandusky County immediately rushed to the rescue.

When the humane society agent arrived, they found not one, but four kittens, stuffed into a "Shop-Vac" box on CR 37. The box was already half-covered in snow from the snow plows, when the agent arrived.

Kelly Askins, HSSC Shelter Mgr./Animal Cruelty Director told WNWO, "This is happening all over this county. We've got to get people to understand this is not acceptable."

Askins urged pet owners to take responsibility and get their cats spayed or neutered.

"Here at the shelter, we have been bombarded with cat surrenders, so much so, that right now we have a seven page waiting list for someone to surrender their cat, and the only way we can accept them at this point is if they are in imminent danger." Askins continued, "Times are tough and we understand this, but personal responsibility has got to start happening in this county."

Askins said the four kittens are at the shelter "staying warm and keeping their bellies full." They are all up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting or have any information regarding who may have abandoned the kittens, you can reach the Humane Society of Sandusky County at (419) 334-4517.