Four arrested and indicted under federal V-GRIP initiative

Alfred J. Williams / Toledo Police ID Section

As June 2011 passed into July, it seemed that night after night, someone was getting shot somewhere in Toledo.

To respond to the nightly gun violence the U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Ohio, Steven Dettelbach, and Toledo Chief of Police, Mike Navarre, announced the Violence Gun Reduction and Interdiction Program -- or V-GRIP to crack down on those illegally carrying firearms in the city.

On Monday, Dettelbach announced four arrests and indictments related to the illegal possession of firearms. Arrested were Alfred J. Williams, 48; Michael L. Mack, 29; Shayne Teal, 34; and Jason Hunt, 19.

Williams was arrested on July 19 in possession of a Hi-Point Model C 9mm as well as five rounds of ammunition.

Mack was arrested on July 5 in possession of a Kel-Tec Model PLR-16, .223 calbier handgun.

Teal was arrested on June 24 in possession of a Sturm Ruger model Blackhawk, .357 magnum handgun.

Hunt was arrested on April 14 in possession of a Harrington & Richardson model 733, .32 caliber revolver.

All four had prior felonies and prior firearms violations, making it illegal for them to possess or carry firearms in the state of Ohio. Each was indicted for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Their cases are unrelated.