Four days after storm Holland residents still cleaning up

Some residents in Holland affected by last Thursday's storms are still waiting for their power to be restored. Four days later the streets near South Avenue remain littered with storm debris. More than a dozen giant oak trees have been toppled. Fate played a cruel trick on some residents whose trees in their own backyard remained standing only to have their own property damaged by a falling tree from a neighbor's yard. Evelyn Laderach escaped serious injury with only seconds to spare. "I was just coming out of the pool when I saw the storm coming and I got out of the pool just in time to run in the backdoor just to watch the neighbor's tree come crashing down," Mrs. Laderach said.

Eric Hatch of Erie, Michigan saw the footage of the storm damage on the news and decided to come to Holland and help with the cleanup. "My mom lives in this neighborhood and she told me that there was a disabled man who had a tree crash through his house and so I rounded up a carload of friends and today we are going yard by yard," Chris said.

Springfield Township had crews collected tree limbs and branches that people have placed at the curbside and Toledo Edison had crews working on several downed power lines.