Free legal help for homeowners facing foreclosure

Foreclosure defense attorney Peter Cozmyk says he's tired of hearing about the lack of actionable information that is available to homeowners facing foreclosure issues.

On Tuesday night, Cozmyk will host the Foreclosure Prevention Workshop in Sylvania to give Ohio homeowners "a fighting chance against big banks and unscrupulous lenders."

During the workshop, Cozmyk will share free legal advice about the most common types of errors and violations found in loan documents and provide full explanation of the laws that protect homeowners when facing foreclosure eviction.

Homeowners will also receive information from non-profit agencies to help assess a practical course of action for their needs.

The event lasts from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Wingate hotel, located at 5480 Main Street. You can register before the event at

"The foreclosure epidemic is showing no signs of a slowdown. Millions of Americans owe more than their home is worth and ecnomic conditions have not radically improved," Cozmyk said. "Our workshops are designed to educate consumers about the latest foreclosure information and trends while providing them proactive tools they can use to help save their homes."