Fremont apartment complex floods for 2nd time in a year

Residents of Ross Park Apartments are salvaging what's left of their belongings, as water flooded into the basement units during a storm early on Saturday morning.

One couple was packing their truck to go stay with family, after a few inches of water pooled in their apartment. A foul odor emitted from the apartment, where mildew was already growing in the carpet and on the walls. Residents say the apartment complex has done little to remedy the situation.

"It's unlivable, I have a newborn baby and my child can't stay here," said Chelsea, a resident who did not want her full name disclosed. She added, "All they did is just come in and just sucked everything up."

Dehumidifiers were installed in most of the water-damaged apartments to help clear the moisture out. Residents say the complex recently installed a new water drainage system, but about 1/3 of the apartments still flooded.

Some basement units at the complex flooded last March, and residents say many of the carpets were never replaced.

Managers at Ross Park Apartments were not able to be contacted.