Fremont woman arrested wandering naked through neighborhood

Natalie Albert / Courtesy Sandusky County Sheriff's Department

A Fremont woman is behind bars after she was discovered wandering through a neighborhood naked and incoherent.

According to a police report, on August 5 at approximately 3:45, Fremont police were dispatched to the 300 block of Sandusky Ave. where a woman was reported to be walking in the street with no clothes on.

Police arrived to find two neighbors standing outside who directed them to an alley behind 311 Sandusky Ave. There, police found Natalie Albert standing in a grassy area, bent over and pulling grassa from the ground. Police describe her as incoherent and having slurred speech. They say she was wiping her body with leaves and grass she found on the lawn. She later told police she thought she was in her bed, sleeping.

A neighbor provided clothing to Ms. Albert which she had trouble putting on. Police summoned EMS who took Ms. Albert to Fremont Memorial Hospital.

A woman at the scene indicated to police that she believed that Ms. Albert had been using "bath salts" which is a trade name for a form of a synthetic or designer drug that mimics the effects of cocaine and methamphetamine.

Albert was charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency. She appeared in Fremont Municipal Court on Wednesday to answer for the charges as well as a charge of driving under suspension she incurred on August 3. Albert was taken into custody after appearing in court when she was charged with a probation violation.

She will appear again in Fremont Municipal Court on August 19.