Friend of Judge Judy's son acquitted of rape in NY

Judge Judy has publicly supported her son during the the trial of his friend.

A close friend of a district attorney who is the son of TV's Judge Judy has been acquitted of child rape.

A jury in Putnam County, N.Y., found Alexandru Hossu not guilty Thursday on each of four counts.

The case led to allegations of improper interference by District Attorney Adam Levy.

Levy recused himself from the case, saying Hossu was a close friend and frequent houseguest. But he helped pay for Hossu's defense and the county sheriff claimed Levy had interfered with the prosecution. The prosecutor on the case also complained to the judge.

No charges were filed against Levy. His mother, Judy Sheindlin is the star of "Judge Judy" and publicly supported her son.

Hossu, a 36-year-old Romanian immigrant, was charged with raping the 13-year-old daughter of his former girlfriend.