From flowers to elephants, northwest Ohio celebrates Mother's Day

Andrea Fleck spent Mother's Day with her husband and three kids at the Toledo Zoo, which gave free admission to all moms

TOLEDO -- Itâ??s been 100 years since Motherâ??s Day was first recognized as a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, and people found different ways to honor mom on Sunday.

A traditional and popular Motherâ??s Day gift is flowers, which means things have been busy at Kenâ??s Flower Shop in Perrysburg.

â??Itâ??s one of our big days of the whole year. Motherâ??s Day, Valentineâ??s Day and Christmas, those are our three big seasons,â?? according to general manager Becky Turner.

Each of Turnerâ??s florists has been putting together about 100 arrangements per day during the past week. Turner said her experienced staff is used to the extra work this time of year â?? which also includes numerous proms.

Meanwhile, hundreds of families took advantage of the warmer weather Sunday and spent Motherâ??s Day at the Toledo Zoo, where moms were let in for free. Andrea Fleck was one mom who took advantage of the free admission, spending Motherâ??s Day at the zoo with her husband and three kids.

â??It was actually a surprise. We didnâ??t know it was free for mothers. So, a nice surprise and a beautiful day out to spend with the family,â?? said Fleck.

The zoo wasnâ??t Fleckâ??s only Motherâ??s Day present. Her young son Landon said heâ??s giving her free massages for ten days.

Some of the animals at the zoo also got some extra love Sunday. Mother Renee and 3-year-old son Lucas, both African elephants, were given a healthy snack of celery by zoo staff as human moms and their children looked on from a distance.

Feel free to share what you did for your mom on Motherâ??s Day in the comments below.