From Hurt to Healed: Adorable dog waiting for new home

Mr. Jenkins has made an astonishing recovery and ready to go to a good home.

Mr. Jenkins' short life has already blessed by the kindness of strangers who helped pay for the surgeries he needed to get healthy.

Weeks after he was first turned over to the Lucas County Dog Warden, with a large wound on the back of his head; this one-year-old dog is healed and ready for a new home.

"We SAFER tested him last week and he did wonderful, as we expected," Jean Keating of the Lucas County Pit Crew said.

Passing the ASPCA's test for adoptability is not Mr. Jenkins' only accomplishment in recent weeks; he has also made an astonishing recovery from his injuries.

Under the watchful eye of the Lucas County Pit Crew, Mr. Jenkins' story gained international attention after the rescue organization started an online fundraising effort to pay for his medical expenses.

Contributions came from as far away as Australia and the Pit Crew was quickly able to secure a foster home for Mr. Jenkins.

Now, all this dog needs to have his "fairytale ending" is a loving home.

If you are interested in adopting this famous dog, you can request an application from the Lucas County Pit Crew by emailing