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      Frosty beverage for Fido

      Beer for dogs

      Is the world really going to the dogs? We??ll probably not, but now Fido can have a frosty beverage of his very own.

      3 Busy Dogs created ??Bowser Brew??, a beefy-malty concoction that dogs love. There are two flavors, Beefy Brown Ale and Cock-A-Doodle Brew. Oh and don??t worry about the drinking age for you dog, both flavors are nonalcoholic.

      According to their website, bowserbeer.com, the Beefy Brown is described as follows?|??Satisfy his inner ??Bowser??. Our hearty beef flavor will put some hair on his chest and a wag in his tail. Parties, game time, cocktail hour . . . anytime is Bowser Time!??And the Cock-A-Doodle Brew?|??Your dog will start crowing when he tastes succulent chicken in a fat-free, salt-free homemade stock. He may not appreciate that malt barley is packed with vitamins B, and glucosamine for healthy joints, but you will.??

      If you really want to make your pooch feel special, they can create a custom label with your dog??s picture on the bottle.

      Bowser Brew is not currently available locally but you can order it online.