Fugitive of the Week: Gina Rutherford

U.S. Marshal Rodney Hartzell calls the Fugitive of the Week for April 5 one of the most despicable he TMs ever encountered.

Gina Rutherford went to check on her 93 year old next door neighbor to assure her good health. Gina also helped herself to her neighbor TMs checkbook.

Gina then went on to clean out her elderly neighbor TMs checking account, stealing somewhere between $3,000 -- $5,000.

Stealing has been a way of life for Gina Rutheford. She has a criminal record that includes grand theft, robbery, and passing bad checks. There are currently 10 active warrants for the arrest of Gina Rutherford.

She is known to drive a gray or silver Lincoln Town Car.

If you know where Gina Rutherford is or can be found, call 1-866-4WANTED. There may be a cash reward in it for you. You will certainly bring a small degree of satisfaction to a 93 year old woman who deserved to be treated better by her neighbor.