Fulton County prosecutor to appeal Zimbeck ruling

Fulton County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Hasselman says his office will appeal the ruling handed down by Judge James Barber dismissing the case against Walter Zimbeck who had been charged with the 1985 murder of Swanton teenager Lori Ann Hill. In a statement released this afternoon Hasselman said : "Because the State will appeal Judge Barber's ruling, I am somewhat constrained about what I can say. I am obviously very disappointed by the dismissal of the indictment and by the fact that a jury will not be allowed to hear the evidence. However, our system of justice allows for an appeal under these circumstances and the State will present its arguments to the Court of Appeals." Zimbeck was set to stand trial on February 2. Now he will be released on Friday at 4pm if he is able to post a $1,000 Appeal bond.