Funnel clouds over Wood County pose no threat

A cold air funnel photographed this afternoon near Bowling Green, Ohio.

Several reports began to surface this afternoon of a funnel cloud appearing near the Henry/Wood County line and persisting as it moved toward Grand Rapids, Weston and around Bowling Green.

The funnel never did reach the ground...and while no warnings were issued, sirens were sounded in parts of Wood County as a precaution by Emergency Management.

By 330pm, the funnel had dissipated.

The funnel was not a "typical" tornado type of funnel, but rather what is called a "cold air" funnel...more akin to what we see over Lake Erie in the spring and fall.

Temperature differences between the surface and the mid-levels of the atmosphere can produce these types of rotations, which are typically very weak, short lived and rarely touch the ground.

A good explanation of these events can be found in the link below.