Game On! Summer 2013 is here

The heat is on in the coming days. Get ready for it as humidity will make things a bit steamy.

Summer officially got started earlier this morning and the next few days it will certainly feel like it. Start taking precautions today as this is the longest day of the year as far as sunlight goes. This is also the day with the highest sun angle - sunburn risk is high, so use that High rated SPF su...nscreen protection.

The next few will be great days to be near, on or IN the water.

Today we're into the mid-80's under mostly sunny skies. For the upcoming 1st weekend of Summer 2013 expect the 3 H's w/ haze, heat & humidity in play. Light colored, loose fitting clothing (a bathing suit would be best) and plenty of water will be required if spending your days outdoors. Saturday, Sunday and Monday offer partly cloudy skies with highs in the upper 80's and lower 90's, plenty of humidity - making it feel even warmer, and a slight chance of a few isolated storms late in the day.

Whew... make those plans to stay hydrated and cool as we're not acclimated to intense heat yet. Stay safe and keep an eye on the young, elderly and our furry, four legged friends - access to shade, water & moving air or AC will go a long way for comfort and safetly.

Relief from the heat heads our way by the middle of next week.

Take a bite and enjoy this real first taste of summer!