Gander Mountain re-opens with extensive inventory

After months of renovation, Gander Mountain has re-opened the "Firearms Super Center" inside its location on Holland-Sylvania Road.

They opened to a crowd of customers over the weekend, adopting a new slogan to emphasize gun safety.

"With rights comes responsibility. That's our new campaign to ensure that people are taking appropriate measures to keep firearms safe, and where they should be. And keep them out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them," says Store Manager Jim Barnes.

Also, with gun legislation failing to make it through congress, items that have been extremely hard to find in recent months, like AR style rifles, are starting to find their way back in stock.

Though some types of ammo, like 9mm and .22lr, are still hard to find, customers continue to shop for other items while they wait for the supply to catch up with demand.