Gang violence being fought in Toledo

The Toledo Police aim to curb the gang violence here in the Glass City.

One way is the law that if a gang member commits a crime, the entire gang is responsible.

"We all are affected by the level of violence in the city," says Anita Madison, Director of the Toledo Community Initiative to Reduce Violence, TCIRV.

Police say there are around 20 different gangs that plague the Toledo metro area.

Madison says, "The level of violence is, quite frankly, unacceptable."

Often, people with no gang affiliation are caught between the feuding factions. Like in the case of an infant being killed in the Moody Manor apartment shooting.

There are few areas in and around Toledo that don't suffer the effects.

"They don't care what is in their way, who's behind. They're just gonna do the shooting.," says TPD Captain Brad Weis.

In light of recent violence, the community has begun to step up. They are now assisting with the CIRV program, which was put into place in April, 2012.

Madison says, "[It's] a city-wide collaboration between law enforcement service providers and the community."

Police report that 70% of the crime in ot city is commited by less that 1% of the population. The CIRV program, which is a model taken from its successful use in other major cities, does not discriminate says Madison, it sees only gangs as a whole. And that's the same way they intend to take them [gangs] down.

"We're not just going after the person that does the shooting. We're going after the entire set, the entire gang," says Madison.