Get fit with mobile gym

Going to the gym on a consistent basis can be hard to do, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Work at the gym can be a dreadful process for many, with very little fun involved. But Pfitzer Fitness is looking to change that notion with its Fitness on the Move mobile gym.

It features a variety of strength, suspension and cardio equipment that can be set up just about anywhere.

The truck includes 12 workout benches, 12 racks of weights, an agility course, boso balls, and much more.

Dan Pfitzer is a personal trainer in Toledo and created the state of the art truck. He stopped by WNWO Today to explain its functionality and cool features.

Pfitzer also brought his program coordinator, Pat Robinson, to show us how the obstacle course works. Robinson, who is also a third grade teacher, says she starts each day during the school year with a workout session for her students.

He says his unique program is designed to target all fitness levels and can accommodate as many as 36 people at a time.

â??You have great experiences because you work at your own individual pace,â?? he said.

If you would like the Fitness on the Move truck to make a stop at your party, business, or backyard call 419-536-8808.