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      Get ready for high water and sewer utility rates in Perrysburg

      I f you live in or around Perrysburg, it's going cost you more for water and sewer service.

      " H ow much higher can they go ?" asks businesswoman Kathleen Jones.

      S tarting in 2013 , rates for water and sewer service will go up, so why? "Perrysburg is running it's water rates to keep in line with the cost of providing that water, and the major component of that cost is the price we pay to purchase water from the city of Toledo," explains Tim Warren with the City of Perrysburg.

      O n Tuesday, the city council approved rate hikes to keep in line with Toledo's 9% rate increase.

      T hat means water rates will go up 7.5% and sewer rates up by 3%.

      T he city's website breaks down what the prices mean for residents. F or people who live in the city with one meter , water rates will cost them $36.49. Sewer rates will cost $60.55 totaling $97.04. People living out of the city with one meter will pay $41.97 for water rates, sewer rates will cost $75.69 totaling $117.66.

      P eople like shop owner Kathleen Jones lives out of the city and will feel the pinch, "I will not be watering my lawn for sure, in the spring and summer. It's just too expensive," says Jones.

      U tility rates go up beginning in the new year and will last for a period of four years.