Get Toledo Edison power outage alerts by text, email

FirstEnergy hopes less of its customers will feel left in the dark during an outage with a new email and text message alert system released on Thursday.

According to the company, customers can now subscribe to receive alert notifications via email or text message that contain information about bills, weather conditions that may impact electrical service or updates on reported outages. Customers can also use the service to report outages, request updates and make other inquiries about their electric accounts.

â??Our new alerts and text messaging services provide customers with a simple and convenient way to receive the most current information related to their electric service, right in their inbox or on their mobile devices,â?? said Ronald Green, vice president of customer service, in a statement. â??These tools are part of FirstEnergyâ??s ongoing effort to enhance service to our utility customers, including making it easier to get bills electronically and report power outages.â??

You can sign up for text and email alerts at FirstEnergy also offers mobile apps that offer similar alerts for iOS and Android devices.