Getaway driver in Moody Manor shooting gets 3 years in prison

James Moore, 21, is sentenced to 3 years after testifying in Moody Manor trial.

The gang member who testified against his friends in the Moody Manor shooting was sentenced to 3 years in prison Thursday morning.

21-year-old James Moore drove the getaway vehicle after his group of friends shot up an apartment that killed 1-year-old Keondra Hooks and injured her sister, Leondra Hooks. The Lucas County grand jury found his friends, Antwaine Jones, 19, and Keshawn Jennings, 21, guilty Friday of eight counts of murder, aggravated murder, and attempted murder. Jones and Jennings face up to life in prison. Their sentence date is scheduled for July 23.

Moores played a key witness during the trial. Moore testified his friends shot the wrong apartment and confirmed the group in a surevillance camera moments before the apartment shooting.

WATCH: Surveillance footage and Moore taking the stand