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      Getting closer to $4, gas prices hit hard

      What we're paying at the pump has been on a steady hike for 32 days, according to national AAA reports. National gas prices on Monday night were around $3.69 per gallon; a four-month high.

      With spring and summer still far on the horizon, a time gas prices usually peak, some drivers are worried prices may only get worse.

      "I wish I would have gassed up sooner than today because it was cheaper 3 days ago," said driver Rebecca Doran.

      Prices at the pump averaged $3.78 per gallon in Toledo on Monday night, according to, that's up roughly nine cents from last week, and up 49 cents from last month. The upward trend is one that local drivers say is all too familiar.

      "Cost of living's going up, everything's going up. Nothing is coming back down," said driver T.J. Mader.

      Mader says he commutes 15 miles to and from work everyday, and that round trip is racking up a hefty punch at the pump.

      "It's tough," said Mader. "I have to fill up the gas prices to a certain amount and I can't really fill up my take completely. I'm on a budget."

      But even with a budget, drivers tell us they'll pinch their pennies and pay the price because they can't afford to go without gas.

      "It makes it a little more difficult as far as saving and money goes, but I can't afford not to go to class as a college student, or to work," said Doran. "So I just got to grid and bear it."

      With a statewide average of $3.80 per gallon, Ohio has the 15th highest gas prices in the country, according to Michigan has the seventh highest gas prices at $3.89 per gallon.