â??Gibsonburg,â?? the story of the 2005 baseball team, in theatres soon

A screenshot from "Gibsonburg"

In 2005, the Gibsonburg High School baseball team won the state championship with a regular season record of 6 wins and 17 losses, having lost 13 of those games in a row. They won 8 post season games in a row to win the state championship.

That story has been turned into a movie, and tonight a screening of â??Gibsonburgâ?? was at the Maumee Indoor Theatre.

When Bob Mahaffey, the director of the movie, first heard of the 2005 Gibsonburg baseball team, he wrote a book, then adapted the book into a screenplay.

â??We had very limited financial resources and no people, so we got 50 college students all through out Ohio for the most part and we made this film together as a team,â?? Mahaffey explained.

The â??Gibsonburgâ?? film premiered in Hollywood in the summer of 2012. A distributor saw the film, picked it up, and now it will open in over 30 theaters in Ohio on June 7, 2013. Later in the summer, the film will be released on DVD and on Video On Demand outlets.

Mahaffey commented about the movie, saying, â??The talent pool of these college students, from the cinematography, to the acting, to the editing, to everything that went on with itâ?¦â??Gibsonburgâ?? has no special effects, it is all story. If you like underdogs and you like baseball and you like a god story, I think you will really enjoy â??Gibsonburg.â??â??

Todayâ??s screening was viewed only by the actual members of the 2005 Gibsonburg baseball team and their families.