Gingrich: Ohio's in play for me

Newt Gingrich, seen here in this file photo, told WNWO News he expects to win delegates in Ohio in spite of his predicted third-place finish.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told WNWO News in a satellite interview Monday that he expects to do well in the Buckeye State and elsewhere on Super Tuesday.

"I'm going to come in third, I think, in Ohio," Gingrich said. "But I hope to come in well enough to pick up delegates. As you know, there are at least 18 delegates that Santorum isn't even competing for because he didn't get anybody on the ballot. So Ohio's in play for me."

Currently, polls show former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a close race among likely Republican voters in the Buckeye State.

The former Speaker of the House said he believes a win in Georgia, his home state and also the state with the most delegates up for grabs Tuesday, would put him back in the middle of the race. In this exclusive interview with WNWO, Gingrich details some of his plans for creating jobs and lowering the cost of gasoline.

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