Girl survives pit bull attack with help of passerby

Kayla Irby

Kayla Irby, 17 was running late for school Thursday morning. The Start High School sophomore was waiting to catch the bus in front of 2740 Upton Ave. near Monroe. Irby said a pit bull appeared from across the street. According to Irby the dog didn TMt appear to be aggressive. The dog approached her, sniffed her leg and suddenly attacked.

I put my hands in like the bottom and top part of his mouth and I pushed it up like to get him off of me, Irby screamed for help. Kevin Wehrle was driving by when he heard Irby call for help. I was just driving to work and this girl was screaming somebody help me, Wehrle.

Wehrle pulled over, armed only with a snow scrapper. I tried to hit it in the neck and like I said it didn TMt even notice I was doing anything so that TMs when I realized I had to jump on it. He grabbed the dog by the neck, wrestling it into submission until police and the Dog Warden arrived. Irby said after Wehrle got control of the dog she was able to break free he was just choking him and that TMs when I finally reached down, opened up his mouth and got him off of me and ran.

Wehrle said he didn TMt think about the danger he had put himself in until after he had pinned the pit bull. If it got a hold of my neck I mean seeing what it did to the poor girls leg I would TMve been done for.

Irby suffered deep wounds to her right thigh which required 26 stitches. She also had defensive wounds on her hands.

NBC24 was there when Irby talked to Wehrle for the first time. She wiped away tears as she thanked Wehrle. Irby is expected to make a full recovery but she said she can TMt help but wonder. What if it was a little kid out here about to get bit? I don TMt think that little kid could TMve bared what I just bared, Irby. The owner of the dog has not been identified.