Give your money to the rich

The White House is pushing to increase subsidies for folks purchasing a new Chevy Volt and hope to sell 10,000 in the next decade. That would be $10 billion dollars of your and my tax money right out of our pockets, right out of our childrens and grandchildrens pockets if this type of spending continues.

If you bought a Chevy Volt for +$41,000 last year, the feds would give you $7,500. That for a car that will go about 30 miles on a full charge. The Administration wants to increase that subsidy to $10K per vehicle... I didn't hear about that. Did your legislators tell you?

According to General Motors CEO Dan Akerson, "the average yearly income of a Chevy Volt buyer is $170,000." Should our tax dollars be taken from us to help that average Volt buyer afford the Volt, a car that many dealers are refusing delivery of because buyers don't want them?

Do you want to give your money to someone who is in the top 7 percent of income earners in the nation according to the latest census? You tell me--please chime in with your feelings/thoughts below in our comments section.

You can read more about sharing the sacrifice to help rich people buy cars that people don't want at