Giving back with WNWO

WNWO's "Share Your Holidays" collection drive is in full swing, and it's bringing out the best in local residents.

Every year, the Schober family gathers up the grandkids for a family tradition.

"My husband and I have been turning in coats for quite a few years now, and we decided that now that the grandkids are getting older, we do it as a family, and they learn the importance of the holiday and giving," said Rose Schober.

"We ask them as our Christmas gift to donate for charity," said Mike Schober.

Piling coats into donation boxes, the grandkids say they feel good about giving to kids who have less than they do.

At the holidays, there's a lot of good to give in the community.

"We try to do a little bit of everything because we feel like we're really blessed and really fortunate," said Rose.

With all of the options, WNWO chose to team up with Seagate Foodbank because unlike some of the other organizations, 100 percent of the donations go directly back into the community.

"You can bring food or cash donations. We will make sure they go to a good cause," said Seagate Foodbank community awareness director, Aggie Alt.

The Schober family tells us they hope to continue to teach their young ones the importance of giving.

"We've been blessed, and they've been blessed," said Mike. "It's nice to be able to give back."

WNWO's food drive to benefit the Toledo Seagate Foodbank goes until Dec. 21. Donations will be accepted at all of the following locations:

WNWO: 300 S. Byrne Rd., Toledo

Imagination Station: 1 Discovery Way, Toledo

The Toledo Blade: 541 N. Superior St, Toledo

The Flying Joe: 2130 Preston Parkway, Perrysburg

Park Inn: 101 North Summit St., Toledo

Grogan's Towne: 6100 Telegraph, Toledo

Charlie's Dodge:
725 Illinois Ave, Maumee

Direct Computer: 580 Craig Dr., Perrysburg

Comfort Keepers: 2451 N. Reynolds, Toledo