Glass City becoming GreenTown

Since 2007, GreenTown has worked to bring together the public sector and private sector to create healthy, sustainable communities.

City of Toledo officials hope to paint the town green during a sustainability conference this fall.

GreenTown is a two-day conference designed to bring the public and private sectors together to help create a sustainable Glass City. The event will educate attendees about sustainable practices and showcase local sustainability projects.

"People want to work, live and play in a sustainable community," said Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak. "And sustainable community means having a strong diverse economy, a healthy community and a community that is environmentally progressive. Let's celebrate that we are a Green Town and build even greater collaboration through this great GreenTown Convention."

The conference will take place at the SeaGate Convention Centre on October 25-26. Officials say this event will be the first GreenTown held in the state of Ohio.

"The GreenTown Convention will give us the opportunity to expand our dialogue surrounding the ongoing collaboration and sustainability efforts of the city and county. I look forward to showcasing the steps we have already taken as a community and to learning more about efforts we can pursue in the future." said Toledo Mayor Mike Bell.

For more information on GreenTown, please visit or GreenTown is produced by a5 and Seven Generations Ahead.