Glass City Glory brewed for Toledo Marathon

Glass City Glory is an American wheat beer and will only be available after the Glass City Marathon.

Runners that cross the finish line at the Glass City Marathon will have a chance to grab a glass of glory.

The Great Black Swamp Brewing Company is brewing a special batch of beer for the celebration after the race. Fans of the brewery on Facebook named the new brew Glass City Glory.

"It's an American wheat beer," says co-owner of the Great Black Swamp Brewing Company, Paul Traver. "It's brewed with 50 percent wheat malt and 50 percent pale malt with a little crystal malt for color and flavor."

People who have had a preview taste of the beer say it has a light citrus flavor.

The brewery is making over 325 gallons of this beer for the race. Racers can get two glasses of beer providing they are 21 years old or older and supplies last.

"Anytime you get this many people to enjoy our beer, it's just great," says Traver.

Glass City Glory will only be available for people after the race, but all you beer lovers out there can find Great Black Swamp brews in many local bars and beer caves in the Northwest Ohio area.