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      Golf Channel takes NBC 24 behind the scenes

      NBC 24 went behind the scenes with Golf Channel to see how the production team pulls off the live broadcast of the Marathon Classic.

      Golf Channel cameras are everywhere at Highland Meadows. There are more than a dozen cameras rolling on all the tournament action. Fiber-optic cables snake through the course, sending footage to the production team backstage, who broadcast the Marathon Classic by satellite.

      At the center of it all is the production control room.

      â??And that's where we can see all the cameras that are out on the course. And we can see all the graphics machines, we can see all the tape machines,â?? said Golf Channel Producer, Beth Hutter.

      Inside the graphics room, staffers work to update on-air statistics, player profiles and leaderboards.

      The audio room is where Head Audio Mixer, Paul Krugman, controls over a hundred faders, switches and knobs. Krugman says smooth audio can make or break the broadcast for viewers.

      â??Just that little bitty sound of that ball slowly rolling into a cup on a putt may seem irrelevant or whatever but it really helps put the viewer into the space we want them in,â?? said Krugman.