GOP senator proposes raising MI's minimum wage to $8.15

Sen. Rick Jones is proposing a raise to Michigan's minimum wage.

A Republican lawmaker is proposing to raise Michigan's minimum wage to stop momentum for a larger increase proposed by organizers of a ballot initiative.

Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge said Thursday he introduced legislation to raise the hourly minimum to $8.15 from $7.40. The minimum for tipped employees would rise a dime to $2.75 per hour.

Jones says he's concerned a ballot drive would make Michigan's minimum wage for tipped employees the same as it is for other workers, devastating restaurants. Unions and other groups are leading an effort to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 over time.

Jones isn't getting support from all Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville opposes a minimum wage hike, and Gov. Rick Snyder says he hasn't been able to review the legislation.