Got red light tickets? Pay up or get the boot

The City of Toledo says it will soon begin a blitz targeting vehicles with unpaid red light camera tickets.

Beginning May 1, any vehicle with two or more outstanding or unpaid red light camera citations will be subject to immobilization or towing. The city says it will begin the targeted enforcement as part of an effort to boost compliance and get drivers to pay up for unpaid fines.

If a vehicle is towed or immobilized, all outstanding citations must be paid before it can be retrieved, according to the city. Vehicle owners are also responsible for fees associated with the initial towing, removing boots used for immobilization, and storage of the vehicle by the city.

The blitz comes at the suggestion of Toledo Mayor Mike Bell and with the approval of Toledo City Council. The enforcement will last until June 30.

Citizens can avoid possible towing by paying any red light camera fines by April 30. Those with outstanding citations can pay fines by contacting Red Flex, the city's camera vendor, at 1-877-847-2338.