Gov. Kasich 'not sure' about welfare drug test bill

Gov. Kasich wants lawmakers to consider the negative impacts of passing a welfare drug test bill. / roboppy (Flickr)

Many readers sounded off on our stories about a welfare recipient living in a million-dollar home and Ohio State Sen. Tim Grendell's plan to require welfare recipients to pass a drug test. Now, Gov. John Kasich is speaking out on the issue--but in this case, he's just "not sure."

The Columbus Dispatch reports the governor was asked about drug-testing for welfare at a conference of Ohio county commissioners and engineers. He said many factors need to be considered before passing such a law, including what will happen to the children of welfare recipients who fail a drug test.

"There are a lot of people hurting out there, and so I'm not sure this is the time to start saying to them, 'If you want to get something, you TMve got to go through these hoops,'" Gov. Kasich said.

The Associated Press reports Sen. Tim Grendell's Republican-backed bill would require Ohioans to pay for and pass a drug test in order to receive public assistance.

Democrats have fired back with their own proposal: Elected officials and recipients of federal bailout money must be drug-tested as well.

Are Gov. Kasich's concerns valid or is he holding back on the controversial issue? Should the Dem's proposal for recipients of federal bailout money to be drug tested also go through if the welfare bill becomes law? Weigh in below.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)