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      Government shutdown closes Ottawa Wildlife Refuge

      The government shutdown has ripples effects that reach all the way to northwest Ohio.

      O ne place impacted is the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. WNWO's Bryant Maddrick visited the refuge Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by the familiar closed signs seen on national monuments, museums, and parks across the country.

      Recently, reports have been made that people seen on national park land were either forcibly removed or fined.

      WNWO's Maddrick entered two areas of the park. On one end of the park located at Krause Road and Stange Road, roads leading into the park are closed, but trails leading inside are not blocked off. At the main entrance of the refuge on State Route 2, entrance gates were closed.

      Business owners near the refuge like Cindy Bench of Bench Farms said the government shutdown is having an impact on people who use Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge."It's effecting the general public because they're no longer able to offer educational programs, and that's a major hit for us around here," explained Bench.

      Bench adds that if the shutdown had occurred during the bird migration in the spring, her road side produce business as well as others in the area would suffer.

      There's no sign of a break in the stall mate that's keeping the government and the wildlife refuge closed.