Government taking a closer look at Four Loko

FTC eyes Four Loko

An alcoholic beverage showing up on College Campuses called Four Loko is getting some attention, but not in the way the company would like.

The Federal Trade Commission is looking into complaints, from a write-in campaign, about the fruit flavored malt liquor drink sometimes referred to as â??blackout in a can.â?? The FTC is reviewing the amount of alcohol content in the brightly colored, supersized cans and how they are marketed.

Four Lokoâ??s creator has implied in ads that the 23.5-ounce can is equal to one or two 12-ounce beers. However, the FTC says the can is more comparable to four to five beers and should not be consumed in one sitting.

According to the company, its packaging does not contain statements or graphics that are misleading or intended to attract underage drinkers.

Have you ever tried Four Loko? Would you try an alcoholic beverage because of its packaging?

The Associated Press contributed to this story.