Grandmother beaten at Michigan Chuck E. Cheese

Grandmother beaten.

A seven-year-old's birthday celebration apparently turned violent over the weekend, landing one Grandmother in the Emergency Room reports that the 50-year-old was attending her grandson's birthday at the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan when she asked patrons at an adjacent table to clean up their foul language around so many children. That's when things turned ugly.

"She said, 'please don't use that language with children,'" the victim's daughter told "They told her to 'shut the f--- up and turn around.'"

That's when the daughter says a man jumped over tables and started swinging at people. "He punched her in the face and dragged her by her hair," she added.

The 50-year-old victim was taken to nearby Oakwood Hospital where family members say she underwent a CAT scan and was treated for lacerations to her face and mouth.

The website reports the family was refunded their money by restaurant management.

The incident is the third time in recent months that reports have surfaced of violent encounters at different Chuck E. Cheese's in the metro Detroit area.

Family members requested they not be identified in this story.

In February of 2010, a fight broke out at the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in South Toledo that eventually spilled out into the parking lot with one man pistol-whipped and a shot fired.

Have you witnessed violent behavior in a restaurant? What does this incident, and others like it, say about the state of our society?