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Graphic photos shown in Daniel Clay trial, courtroom yields emotional response

Prosecutor shows evidence to witness(

Monroe County , Michigan (WNWO)The third day of the Daniel Clay murder trial commenced on Wednesday, welcoming 15 more witnesses to the stand.

The witnesses were varied, ranging from Forensic Scientists and Detectives to the man who discovered Chelsea Bruck on his property in Ash Township--John Marcon.

He became visibly emotional as a picture of Bruck's remains were brought up on a screen in the courtroom.

His sentiments matched the atmosphere of the courtroom, many shedding tears and holding to one another as witnesses described the injuries Bruck sustained: a break in her jaw, multiple fractures in her face, as well as missing teeth.

One of the jurors looked sick as Megan Moore, expert in forensic anthropology, described the damage done to Bruck's mouth as a“ force was coming from the front to back.”

Forensic analysis also determined Bruck's Injuries were not caused by a single force, but multiple, as there would have been more damage to nose and teeth.

Jurors were also shown the Poison Ivy leotard, last worn by Bruck, turned inside out to see blood spots on the chest and hip.

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