Growers heed warning signs of Fall's first frost

Pumpkin before first frost

Mother Nature seems to be right on target when it comes to a shift in temperatures. On average, October 18 is the first freeze of the season for the Toledo area and temperatures Tuesday night were expected to dip near 32 degrees. That's why local growers are already heeding the signs of the season.

Ian Hoen of Hoen's Garden Center says he's trying to salvage some of the produce still out in the fields. "Some of the things we try to harvest to get a surplus and try to store in the coolers to try to prolong the selling season," said Hoen.

Hoen said vegetables such as tomatoes can sometimes survive a frost - especially those that are still green and close to the ground, but peppers are too sensitive to survive. Hoen says before the first frost, local growers will pick as many ripe peppers as possible. "Some things we'll harvest to get the seeds out, so we'll pick those before it gets too cold," said Hoen.

With Halloween more than a week away, Hoen said the pumpkins should survive the frost and freeze, although some may become slightly discolored around the top.