GUILTY: Estranged husband convicted of murdering wife's new boyfriend

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A jury has returned guilty verdicts for 3 of 4 charges initially brought against a man on trial for stabbing, shooting and beating his estranged-wife's new boyfriend.

Zielinski was found guilty of aggravated murder, aggravated burglary and kidnapping but not guilty of attempting to murder his estranged wife.

He was also found guilty of a felonious assault charge, which was not one of the initial counts brought against him.

Following closing arguments on Thursday, a Lucas County jury deliberated for several hours before making their decision.

Prosecutors alleged Zielinski broke into his wife's residence on July 14, 2013 and killed 20-year-old Michael Jackson.

An autopsy found that Jackson died in his sleep but was shot six times, stabbed twice and had his head beaten presumably with a gun.

Officials said Zielinski also got into a physical altercation with his wife and tried to keep her from fleeing the scene.

She was able to escape and told authorities Zielinski shot at her as she tried to get away.

The woman was not seriously injured.

Zielinski was on the run for several days before he was captured by the Northwest Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force.

Mr. Zielinski will be sentenced May 6, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. in Lucas County Common Pleas court.