Gun control laws, battle continues

An initiative called Americans for Responsible Solutions will be raising money to support greater gun control efforts.

It's being spearheaded by former State Representative Gabby Gifford, and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.

But some say it's just another fruitless effort with misplaced focus.

"What their talking about now is punishing law abiding citizens," says attorney Mark Abramson, who is and advocate of gun rights.

He says there the laws are already in place the accomplish the change that's being lobbied by the anti-gun community.

"We already have the laws on the books. We just need to find the vehicle to enforce them. Most of the guns that are used in criminal acts aren't coming from gun shows, they certainly aren't coming from lawful dealers," Mark says.

And while many anti-gun organizations don't pretend to think every gun can be taken from all firearm owners, they say things desperately need to change.

"You're part of the problem if you're not part of the solution. So sit down at the table and tell us what you will do, instead of: no we won't because we have a second amendment," says Toby Hoover, with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

She says the second amendment right is often used as a smoke screen, and is misinterpreted.

"[The Supreme Court] ruled it's an individual right, instead of a collective right to own a gun in your home. People tend to forget the rest of the sentence where it says "in your home," she says.

But as AR style rifles are all but completely out of stock in most gun stores, it's evident there are fears that people's right to keep and bear arms is being threatened.

And while noone wants a gun to be used for atrocities like the Connecticut school shooting, pro-gun folks don't want events like that to be used as a catalyst for a prior agenda by the anti-gun people.

"This is something that has been on their list of things to do. And they're using this tragedy as the excuse," says Abramson.

The gun world will now have to wait to see what legislation will be introduced, and what will be inacted.