Gun sales up, Dick's halts sales

The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut is a complicated puzzle with no clear answers. But the retail chain, Dick's Sporting Goods, has decided to make a change in its wake by halting their sales of what they refer to as modern sporting rifles.

"[The]a weapon they've chosen to remove, I understand that one. And there is no need for a lot of us to own that kind of a weapon," says Dick's shopper Jason Zielinski.

Historically however, when a tragedy like this occurs, people flock to gun stores to purchase assault style semi-automatic weapons for fear that laws will be passed preventing them from doing so in the future. But the local gun community around Toledo says that new laws are not the answer.

"We know that's going to happen and the customers know its going to happen. And that's why people are flocking to buy guns now," says Theresa Cleland, who owns Cleland's Outdoor World along with her husband.

She says there is a much greater issue at hand that our elected officials are not addressing.

Theresa says, "There's mental illness out there. We're ignoring the difficult things out there, and doing what's easy."

Those I spoke with agreed that more laws and regulations won't prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

"When they pull that trigger, there's no paperwork that's going to stop that," says Jim Music, a gun owner and Toledoan.

While a horrible deed like that in Newtown breaks the hearts of all who watched the events unfold, people look for someone to blame.

"Everyone knows it, but this is the answer we're going to get from our government," says Cleland.

She, and many other gun owners believe that responsible gun owners are the ones who would feel the effects of new laws, while those breaking them will continue to find the means.

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