Gun sellers out of stock and waiting on Washington

This wall was full of guns just a few weeks ago at ADCO Firearms. Now you could wait months to by certain weapons.

In the recent weeks following the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., thousands of people across the nation have been heading to gun stores to make sure they can get their hands on a firearm.

These sales may be a big temporary boost for small businesses, but gun store owners say they are running out of guns to keep on the shelves.

"All the manufactuers are backed up," ADCO Firearms owner Steve Thompson said. "You might have to wait 12 to 16 months for some items to be in stock."

Concern over the talks of new restrictions in Washington is also keeping the longevity of the gun business up in the air.

"They're talking about taking everything that has a magazine with 10 rounds or more off the market. That's almost all the guns I sell," Thompson said.

Vice President Joe Biden is leading a task force to look into making changes to gun laws. President Obama is expected to have an outlined plan by the end of this month.