Gun wounded puppyâ??s road to recovery

3 month old Kirby at Animal Emergency and Critical Care.

A 3-month old puppy found with bullet wounds is recovering after the longest week of his life.

Kirby, the brown and tan pit bull pup, was released from Animal Emergency and Critical Care Monday afternoon. He was found on Monday, September 17th by Toledo Police with two bullet wounds near his chest. Treated at Toledo Area Humane Society, it was discovered that Kirby would need to have his leg amputated; an estimated medical cost of $1,400.

Kirbyâ??s condition grew worse Friday when he was diagnosed with parvo and taken into emergency care. He was released Monday and is now with a foster family.

If you would like to donate money to Kirbyâ??s recovery, animal rescue group Lucas County Pit Crew set up a donation fund to help aid medical costs.