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      Guten Tag! The German-American Festival is coming

      Get ready for beer, brats, and lederhosen because the German-American festival is back.

      The 47th German-American Festival, the Toledo areaâ??s oldest and largest ethnic festival is expected to have authentic German food, beer, and entertainment.

      The festivities kick off on Friday and last all weekend. For a complete schedule of times check their website.

      "We're expecting attendance of more than 30,000 this year," said Festival Chair Timothy Pecsenye. "We are pleased to be such a fixture in the community, and especially happy the festival helps support many philanthropic programs." The festival generates revenue to support the German and Swiss cultural center in Oregon, along with a variety of scholarship, athletic and philanthropic programs in the Toledo area.

      There is a shuttle service available for the festival leaving from various location around the Glass City.

      Tickets are $7 per person. Children 12 years of age and under are free all weekend when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

      There are $6 discount advance purchase admission tickets & GAF shuttle tickets are available for online purchase at their website.

      The Festival is operated by the G.A.F Society, which is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is sponsored by the seven German- and Swiss-American societies in Toledo, and is intended to promote and enhance the German and Swiss cultures.

      What is your favorite part of the festival? Sound off below!