Hackers strike again, take over USA Today's Twitter

A series of tweets by the real administrators of @USAToday address what happened.

Hackers struck another major news outlet Sunday night, taking over USA Today's Twitter account.

The group calling itself The Script Kiddies claimed responsibility for the hack. The hackers sent out a series of tweets from the @USAToday account, most of which focused on congratulating themselves on the hack and directing people to their Facebook page.

"The Script Kiddies hit yet another media account, that makes two this month!" said one tweet from the commandeered account.

Several minutes later, the tweets stopped.

Not long after, USA Today announced that it had regained control of its account.

"@usatoday was hacked and as a result false tweets were sent. We worked with Twitter to correct it," the company said via Twitter.

The tweets are no longer on the site, but WNWO took pictures of the timeline before they were deleted.

Earlier in the month, The Script Kiddies took control of the Twitter account for NBC News and sent out several tweets regarding a terrorist attack that was not, in fact, taking place.

It is not known who The Script Kiddies really are.

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